Purple.com Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received some spam from purple.com
A: Please see the abuse page.

Q: Where is the purple?
A: Here

Q: Can buy or lease purple?
A: Maybe.

Q: I like purple! What can I do?
A: You can be a part of the purple affinity program!

Q: This is really lilac / pink / other, not exactly purple. Could you make it more purple?
A: No. (What color it appears is also dependent on your monitor and its calibration.) Actually, the page used to be #DD00FF from circa 1994 until late 2006, resulting in numerous complaints that it was not quite purple. On 6-Nov-2006 I changed it to #7D26CD based on various recommendations. It's darker than the old purple, but more clearly purple. You can compare it to blue here. You can compare it to not purple here.

Q: Are there any games?
A: You can chase the purple squirrel. He is animated against a purple background. Click on him to win. The game restarts immediately after each win, only the squirrel knows.

Q: How long has purple been here?
A: Since 1994. Here's an old response from whois when I still used NSI.

Q: This is weird / useless / other.
A: That's not a question.